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Welcome to Party Lolli!

Party Lolli is a unique lollipop shaped container that lets your guests take home an original party favor that is sure to leave a lasting memory from your event. Fill it with a wrapped candy of your choice, small toys or other tiny treasures. Also, it can be used for crafts, hand-made gifts, and other DIY projects. Make sure to check out our blog and sign-up for our newsletter for ideas on how to create a memorable gift for your next event with a Party Lolli.

Happy Bunny
March 21, 2015

Easter is just a few weeks away and this happy guy has been staring back at me from my concept table eager to make his debut.

Ice Cream Social Party Favors
November 25, 2014

My eldest daughter turned 5 last week and we celebrated with an Ice Cream Social. I love how the party favors turned out for this event and they were soo very easy to make.

Little Dinosaur First Birthday Party
August 28, 2014

My girls were roaring with glee to celebrate their brother's first birthday with this Little Dinosaur theme! A mix of bold, colorful dinosaurs were everywhere to celebrate his "discovery" date.

Mouse Ear Inserts now in the shop
August 25, 2014

Our most popular Party Lolli on Pinterest is now easier for you to make! For our fans who might not want to DIY the mouse ears, we decided to add them to our shop.